Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist




·      Former Strength Coach at Wagner College and Norwich University

·      Former Head Strength Coach at University of Rochester

·      Coached College Football from 1993 to 2014 – coached at Wagner College, Norwich University, The University of Rochester, and Union College 

·      Certified Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym on Staten Island, NY 1993-1995

·      ASPA judge 

·      1993 NPC Mr. Upstate New York Light Heavyweight 

·      1994 NPC Regional Qualifier  Niagara Falls Light Heavyweight

·      1997 ADFPA March Madness Push/Pull – 1st Place- 220

·      1998 USAPL March Madness Push/Pull- 2nd Place- 220 

·      1999 USAPL Bench Press/Deadlift Wars- 1st Place- 220 

·      2000 USAPL State Championships- 2nd Place- 242

·      2001 USAPL State Championships- 1st Place- 242 

·      2001 USAPL Iron Island Iron Man – 2nd Place- 242 

·      2002 USAPL March Madness Push/Pull- 1st Place – 242 

·      2012 ASPA Summer Classic Push/Pull- 1st Place- Masters 

·      USAPL Numbers- 585 Squat, 630 Deadlift, 445 Bench 


5x5, 3x3 and heavy singles

  • with emphasis on movement to ensure proper positioning and range of motion.

Lifting Drills

  • Utilization in the training of heavy box squats, board presses, chains, block deads and rack pulls.

Cycled Training

  • 12–14 week cycles revolving around the lifter’s ability to add weight weekly, get stronger and become ready for a meet. 

Increasing strength in deadlift

  • By full commitment to heavy rack work and speed off the block.

Increasing strength in the bench

  • By focusing on speed work with the bands, chains and heavy board work.

Increasing strength in the squat

  • By heavy walk outs, box squats and speed work from the hole. 

BIO & Experience

I have been lifting since I was 11, when I started in my room with sand weights from JC Penney and Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding. I wanted to lift to be able to play football, which was my passion. I started actively powerlifting in the bench, squat and deadlift when I was 14 then transitioned into bodybuilding when I was 16. I stopped bodybuilding when I went to Union, where I played football and was part of the 1989 Stagg Bowl Team, where I continued to focus on the bench, squat and power clean. Upon graduation, I continued to learn about bodybuilding and entered my first show in 1993, where I won Mr. Upstate New York. I qualified for a regional qualifier in 1994 where I finished second and missed nationals. During this time, I became a certified trainer at Gold’s Gym and received my CSCS while running the strength program for football at Wagner College; I was also was their running back coach. At this time I began to truly appreciate powerlifting and began to train my teams with the bench, squat and deadlift.

I moved to Norwich University and was the head strength coach there for all University teams from 1995- 1996; I was also the defensive line coach. In 1996, I moved to the University of Rochester and was the defensive line coach and head strength coach, running strength programs for all 21 sports programs. In 1996 I decided to begin competing actively in the ADFPA and finished first in the March Madness meet in 1997, starting as a 220 lifter. In 1999 I left Rochester and started to coach at Union College, and continued to compete in powerlifting. I placed in a number of USAPL meets and won states in 2001.

In 2003 I began a family and stepped back, then began to have a number of injuries that prevented me from competing. I continued, however, to train others  as well as working on my technique and form to continue to lift. At age 40 I attempted a comeback and injured myself while training. It was severe enough that I was out the all whole year. I came back the following year and won the 2012  ASPA Summer Classic. Since then I have focused on functional training with my former athletes and myself and have tried to help others where I can. I believe powerlifting can be a functional way of life and can help with confidence and mobility. 

"Win meets, get stronger."




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