This calorie torching semi-private training series is sure to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping, while working your body from every angle! This creative training series will take you through circuits and intervals of various exercises that will rotate between boxing and strength training each session to keep you motivated, focused and improving on your personal goals. Whether your goals are strength, fat loss or endurance, this training series is perfect for all levels and can be modified to fit your individual needs. Join me and work your entire body like never before!


Days & Times

Wednesdays | 7–7:30pm 

Saturdays | 9–9:30am


$60 / 4 half-hour sessions / 4 weeks

$120 / 8 half-hour sessions / 4 weeks


  • Recurring series / Automatically renews every 4 weeks

  • Includes free gym membership