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tiffany Tatlock

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Fitness & Sport-Specific


Strength & Conditioning | Weight Loss | Bodybuilding | Eating Disorder Recovery

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fitness training

  • total body workouts for weight loss and endurance
  • split muscle group workouts and programming for building muscle and definition
  • tabata workouts for weight loss and those wanting a great cardio challenge

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & HIET (High Intensity Explosive Training)

  • classes for explosive muscle and cardio building as well as fun, fast and effective fat loss

Guts and Butts

  • specific class to build solid leans abs and a tight firm booty ;)

Bariatric specific programming & Nutrition planning

  • for those  who are going to or had gastric bypass surgery

Eating Disorder coaching, training, and recovering program

  • coach, teach, and help individuals struggling with eating disorders of all spectrums; male and female

Kidz Get FIt program

  • for kids 6-15; learn how and why exercising and eating right is crucial, simple, and fun!

Indivudals with Special Needs (physical, emotional and cognitive) training program

  • specific to individuals who are handicapped/special needs and who are looking to get, stay, or get back into physical shape.
  • experience with several disabilities such as: autism, aspergers, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, EDD, ADD, ADHD, etc.



  • Ms metroland - 1st place 2014

  • 1st place & 2nd place - ocb big natty 2015

  • 1st place & best presentation - ocb big natty 2016


BIO & Experience

My journey of turning fitness into my professional career is a very personal one. Growing up i was always into dancing competively and riding horses and was an active young girl. I was always active and did not pay much attention to my nutrition until my freshman year of college when i found myself losing myself to the image in the mirror. As the battle with the image in the mirror progressed, i wound up being hospitalized at a mere 100lbs for my 5'5" frame and laying in a hospital bed hooked up to Iv's and getting told that i had to make the choice to live or die that day because time wasn't on my side, i was going to die there was no other option. It was that day and moment that i found within myself the will and determination to fight back against this life taking disease and save myself. I hired a trainer the moment i was released from the hospital and spent an entire year learning to eat and train to be healthy and learn how to train to have a body to love and live for not die for. In a matter of months, and my amazing trainer amazed at the transformation i made gaining 30lbs and learning to lift 2x my weight and really showing how resilent and strong i was mentally, emotionally, and physically, we decided i should work towards competing in a bodybuilding show.

I entered my first show in the figure divison and won! From that moment on, my passion for fitness just skyrocketed. i knew 250% this was what i was meant to do with my life. I knew i was meant to share, teach, inspire, motivate and coach others and take what many would view as a horrific and embarassing disease, take it as a life changing event and use it to my advantage and as a positive experience.

Now, five years later recovered and a full time trainer, coach, mentor, life coach, recovery coach and Figure bodybuilding competitor. i look forward to each and every day, and every new client and persona i meet and am able to help. I live by my own mantra and motto "Build a body to love and live for; not die for" because that is exactly what i teach everyday. Health isn't about a specific size, number, or shape; it's about being the best you. The healthiest and happiest you that can make everyday productive and positive. own each day, be there for your family and friends, and live life to the fullest.

my aspirations, goals, and dreams as a trainer and woman are limitless and endless. I am always striving to learn, do and know more, and i am always doing my very best to go above and beyond for every person i am honored to meet and train.

"Build a body to love and live for."


Testimonials & Transformations

I would like to say thank you to Tiffany. Tiffany is not only great but she is exceptional. I am forever grateful. Since I began training with Tiffany, I have lost over 45 lbs., have lowered both my blood pressure and cholesterol, as well have gained strength, mobility and full use of my left knee and shoulder. I have also learned a lot about how to properly eat and be mindful or portions and macros, as well as how to eat before and after a workout. All of which before working with Tiffany I had no clue about. Tiffany is a one of a kind trainer because she does not give a cookie cutter program, workout, or treat me just like another client. She takes the time to listen, assess, address and modify my workouts and programs to fit and improve my body and my lifestyle. She is always professional, kind, happy, and always gives me her full attention. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of not only a trainer but a motivational and inspiring being to help achieve goals. I have more weight to lose and more goals I am looking forward to achieving, and I know I will with the knowledge, skills, and outstanding training abilities Tiffany has. -Rich