Bachelor of Science in Fitness Development



ISSA Certified Personal Trainer



CSCS Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach


CSAC Certified Speed & Agility Coach



focuses & specialties

fitness training

  • total body workouts for strength, weight-loss, and toning; can also include explosive and muscular endurance training

strenth & conditioning/sport-specific training

  • specialized workouts that cater to athletes' physical demands for their sport

combatives/self-defense training

  • wrestling, mma striking/grappling, and boxing

technique-focused training

  • caters to perfecting form for specific lifts


BIO & Experience

I've been in a gym all my life, having my parents always bring me with them when they went to workout. i then moved up from watching to moving iron myself, when i was 10 under the supervision of my father, and fell in love with lifting. i dedicated the next 9 years to lifting and getting stronger for wrestling.

in college i discovered my love for coaching through volunteering with my high school wrestling team. by my junior year i switched from exercise science to fitness development, had several clients, and even judged a powerlifting meet. since then i have had the opportunity to work with princeton university and volunteer with union college, training their athletes.

from my athletic background and decade of wrestling, i have developed more of a full body approach and have since built upon it with the functional movement screen principles. I've trained D1 athletes at Princeton University and continue to train D1–D3 athletes at Union College. i am always striving to expand my knowledge to help my clients reach their goals and athletes get to an elite level.

"Success is never owned. It's rented, and rent is due every day."

-Rory Vaden


TESTIMONIALS & Transformations

"I’ve been training at the Gbox for a few months now with Thor, and am really impressed. Great facility, friendly staff, and fantastic trainer! Highly recommend!" -Rachel

"do yourself a favor and check out Thor Lampman for personal training!" -Dan


Incredible 8-week transformation from training with our elite fitness trainer, Thor Lampman: She lost 23 lbs and 21 inches!!

This was all attained from a combination of personal training twice a week, 3 days a week of working out on her own, and of course... healthy eating! The most amazing goals can be achieved if you work hard, stay focused, and remain consistent.

"Thank you Thor for my first training session in about 15 years!" -Cecily

"My membership begun when I set up some training sessions with Thor. Thor evaluated my current abilities as well as the workout program that I wanted to start and helped me with my form. I was a complete newbie when it came to the gym. Without his help I can honestly say I would have ended up hurting myself with this routine. He explained how form and technique will help you not only lift more weight, but also not hurt yourself. For a newbie like me the staff has no issues answering questions on different techniques and how to do things if you have a weakness in a particular area or in my case a disability." -Lee