With my HIIT-focused and sweat-filled training series, I am going to make it 100% simple, quick and easy for you to drop those last 5, 10 or maybe even 15 lbs, and keep them off all throughout the year! All you've gotta do is commit to get fit with Tiff (no pun intended) by signing up for 2 of the group sessions per week and follow the complimentary meal plan with 1 additional HIIT workout provided to you weekly, on your own. Now your interested, I know :) Email me below to sign up; DO NOT MISS OUT!! :) See you ladies on the turf!!! 

Date & Time

Pick 1 time for each day:

Every Monday from 3:30–4pm & 4:30–5pm

Every Wednesday from 3:30–4pm & 4:30–5pm


$160 / 8 sessions / 4 weeks

Includes gym membership!


Two half-hour sessions/week

Series renews every 4 weeks