Seminars & clinics




Looking to learn more about Kettlebell training? This is the group program for you! Kettlebell 101 is designed to introduce the beginner to kettlebells or to allow the intermediate kettlebell athlete to focus on their form. This class will focus on teaching and perfecting your kettlebell techniques in areas such as deadlifts, goblet squats, swings, and more. We suggest starting with kettlebell 101 before attending the level 2 program to familiarize your body and mind with the exercises.

*all fitness levels welcome

*BYOK (bring your own kettlebell)



The title says it all. This is a technique-focused class where each week we will be going over one type of lift, teaching you proper form and fundamentals. This is a great class for the beginner lifter wanting to learn, or the veteran looking to improve.

*All fitness levels welcome



Conquer your diet and turn it into a lifestyle. Join our elite nutrition coach Tiffany Tatlock in her series of nutrition seminars and learn tons of tips, tricks, and straight-up facts! Together you will build a fuel your body for your individual goals. 


Physical Therapy

In-depth discussions and demonstrations from skilled physical therapists, focusing on the anatomy and biomechanics of various parts of the body, common injuries & causes, and techniques to improve mobility & prevent injuries. Complimentary PT screens also given on a limited basis!