sharon borrows

pilates instructor

It is with much motivation and passion I endeavor to help people improve their well being through Pilates. I know the changes it has made in my own postural alignment, core strength, and overall fitness level, therefore, I am excited to share my Pilates practice with others. I hold an ACE Certificate for Personal Fitness Training, as well as a Specialty Certificate in Mind Body Exercise. Being a Personal Fitness Trainer I am well versed in functional training, postural deviations, and muscle imbalances. my love of Pilates and core conditioning translates into a higher level of fitness and/or performing activities of daily life with more ease. It is through an emphasis on corrective exercise and proper muscle activation I provide education that will lead to greater mind body connections. In all aspects of life, I am enthusiastic to share my holistic and well-balanced approach that will inpire others. Over the years I have obtained a wide scope of knowledge in natural remedies, clean eating nutrition, and detoxification. My approach to fitness is to create a challenge as far as possible without compromising form or being counterproductive. My motto for achieving transformation is to "walk out feeling something, otherwise you may have not done anything." I regard every individual with the highest respect, empathy, and compassion for their unique circumstance and perspective. I bring this to my fitness training and Pilates class by introducing as much customization as is possible. I believe we all started from somewhere and are a work in progress but with consistency we can achieve our goals and enjoy success.


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