Have you been working towards your first ever pull-up, or wanting to attempt a pull-up but not knowing where to begin, or maybe even just admiring someone else do a pull-up? Perhaps you can already complete a few but are looking to complete even more? This is the program for you! In this small group we will focus on developing your pull-up/upper body strength while also getting in a total body strength workout. This group will have a maximum of 6 members to make sure each person gets the individual attention they need while also getting the support from working with their peers towards a similar goal. In this program we will be working on exercises that strengthen your grip, upper body, core, and lower body to help you not only achieve your pull-up goals but to also develop and improve your total body strength. Perfect for all fitness levels, no pull-up experience required!



Wednesdays | 4:30–5pm


$80 / 4 half-hour sessions / 4 weeks


  • Recurring series / Automatically renews every 4 weeks

  • Includes free gym membership