pilates: realign

Pilates exercise was originally developed to improve posture, realign the spine, implement proper breathing techniques, and of course, strengthen the entire core. The core is our foundation and stabilizer for our spine and therefore all other limbs within our kinetic chain. In this class we focus on corrective exercises to improve form and posture utilizing very traditional Pilates movements and sequencing. But make no mistake, this is a total body workout. We recommend everyone take this foundational class to establish good posture while performing exercise, as well as activities of daily life. It serves as an excellent prelude to the more advanced class. After participating there should be a greater sense of mind body connection, feeling stronger, and realigned!

*all fitness levels welcome!

"please bring your own mat


pilates: redefined

In this Pilates class we're blending traditional Pilates exercises with modern exercises to increase the challenge and burn factor. We're redefining the original notion of what Pilates exercise entails. It can take anyone to the next fitness level, regardless of age, gender, or current level. The focus is high reps, long holds, unique isolated movements to really shock the body into transformation. This class is intermediate to advanced, but don't worry, there are modifications for almost every movement. Tighten, tone, re define your core, as we strengthen the entire body with this fresh, modern approach to Pilates!

*all fitness levels welcome!

*please bring your own mat