brenna buscher's

level up

"Great workout and supportive instructor! The workout was challenging but each person was able to work at their own level and pace. Lots of different exercises so never a dull moment." -Carolyn

"Awesome class." -Suzanne

"Always a great class with lots of modifications for varying fitness levels, injuries, etc. I love how Brenna uses the wording 'if that’s not for you then do this...” instead of “if that’s too difficult...” or “if that’s too hard...'" -Bri

"Loved this class! It was hard and challenging." -Briana

"Love it as always 💪" -Haley

"The Level Up class is an all around excellent workout." -Jessica

"Amazing!" -Heather

"Tonight was awesome!!!" -Nouara

"Always a great class!" -jessica

"Kick ass. Brenna made me sweat all the tequila out of my body. Thanks!" -Briana

"Awesome" -Nouara

"A great combination of strength and cardio... great class brenna!" -Heidi