Doctorate of Physical Therapy



Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology



NSCA Certified Personal Trainer



focuses & specialties

Injury Prevention Resistance Training

  • Resistance training with heavy focus on technique and accommodations for injuries ranging from foot and ankle issues to neck and shoulder pain with everything in between

strength & weight loss

  • Explosive metabolic circuits to promote weight loss while developing full body strength and power

Program development

  • Resistance training program development to reach your desired goals; strength, aesthetics and general fitness


BIO & Experience

I began weight lifting in high school during my springboard diving season and was immediately hooked. My educational career took a turn from engineering to physical therapy, due to my interest in fitness, how the human body works and my desire to help others. Becoming a personal trainer while pursing my physical therapy education has always felt like the perfect fit. Now, as a personaL trainer and physical therapist, I feel that I can provide my clients the highest quality services due to my experience and education. I have trained with a variety of individuals from ages 10 to 70 with goals ranging from increasing strength and muscular definition to improving bone mineral density for injury prevention and quality of life improvements.

"A diamond is just a lump of coal that performed well under pressure."


TESTIMONIALS & transformations

I have worked with several personal trainers over the past 15 years-plus. Cody is at the top of my list. He grasped immediately what my goals were—to build and maintain strength for daily activities—and developed a program that met those goals and was tailored to my interests and physical ability.  His training as a physical therapist means he is acutely aware of the muscular and skeletal structure of the body, important to designing a safe program and being able to respond to my questions,  What’s more, he is an extremely personable person who made every session productive, but fun as well.  How often can you say that about a personal training session? -Mary S.


I had the good pleasure of being a person friend of Cody’s before hiring him to train me. I reached out to him because I had let myself go to a weight that I thought I would never see myself at and I felt like everyday I had a hard time doing simple things like climbing stairs or getting in and out of cars. I had gained 85lbs in 3 years. Cody listened to me talk about myself and my life and my concerns for the future for over an hour on the phone showing compassion and support. We picked  6 different dates to meet at the gym and he wrote me a personalized plan for my wants and needs on google Docs so that he could track my progress. I wanted something that would allow me to lose weight and become functionally stronger and that’s exactly the plan he wrote for me.  He was able to explain the workouts to me in a way that I could understand and made sure to keep tabs on me. I’ve been doing his workout plan for the past year and every week I feel like I see improvements. When I started I could bench press a max of 80-90lbs. I’m now doing over double that. I initially lost 25lbs in 3 months. Since then I have gained 10lbs back but that is all my fault and not Cody’s because I had fallen away from my diet. But diet aside ive still been doing to exercises he laid out for me and still seeing results. Furthermore anytime I have any types of concerns or questions I know he’s just a text or call away and will take his time to fully explain and make sure I fully understand. He’s not the guy who just says “pick things up and put them down”. He says “pick this up this way this many times because of these reasons”. I’m the kind of person who likes the know the science and reasoning behind things and Cody is happy to provide... Not something you’ll find in any old trainer. In conclusion I’d just like to say that a year later ive had a great positive change in my life and my future. I understand that the choices I make are my own, but without my friend helping me and keeping an eye on my progress I’m sure I would have continued down the negative path I was walking. -Brad B.





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Strength Unleashed

If you've always wanted to unleash your untapped strength, then this is your class. We combine suspension training with power moves to get you sweating, burning calories, increasing muscular endurance and having fun! This mix of gravity resistance and movement provides the ultimate workout to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability. Get ready for an explosion of unleashed strength!

*all fitness levels welcome