Burn fat and calories, create lean muscle, improve endurance and core strength, have fun and feel great! The kettlebell allows for complex full body motions that engage the major muscle groups, making it an extremely effective training (resistance AND cardio) device!!! Kettlebells are also one of the best tools for targeting the five components of fitness: strength, flexibility, body composition, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. (The Great Kettlebell Handbook, © 2008, 2009).

Date & Time

Every Wednesday



$100 / 9 sessions / 9 weeks

Includes free kettlebell beginners clinic ($20 value)

Gym and class memberships sold separately


One hour session/week

Series renews every 9 weeks

BYOK (Bring your own kettlebell)

Tina's free beginners kettlebell clinic is required to participate