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Become a part of the GBOX expansion…

Just like the industry itself, the GBOX is growing more and more each day. The potential of not only our facility, but our concept, is unlimited- and we want visionary investors to be a part of that continued growth.

With like-minded investors involved who believe in our vision, we will be able to instantly maximize our current facility to its fullest potential, truly making this gym the only one of its kind.

Immediately following this achievement; we, along with our fellow investors, will move on to phase 2 of our expansion… Franchising.

We want to offer each investor a very unique opportunity to invest in something that will not only deliver a phenomenal return, but a consistent and everlasting one. Your primary goal is making a solid financial decision, and that is our priority.

This is your chance to be a part of the foundation of a rapidly growing facility and one-of-a-kind concept that will forever change the game in the fitness industry.

Contact the Owner, Glenn Brown, below for more details and how to get involved…

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