Hybrid Series

A fusion of various breeds of training into one unique class.



boxing/kettlebell fusion

Brenna Buscher has created a fitness fusion class like no other! This unique group training program (or group class) will have have you burning calories and developing strength by taking you through guided boxing rounds on heavy bags and circuits of kettlebell. With two forms of training comes double the burn, double the intensity, and double the fun! Do you have what it takes?

*All fitness levels welcome

*BYOG&K (bring your own gloves & Kettlebell)

*boxing gloves & hand wraps are available for purchase at the GBOX


Beast Flow

Beast Flow is a flow of body weight exercises (calisthenics) that incorporate primal movement designed to improve strength, flexibility, body control, and coordination. Beast Flow focuses on full body joint stability while sequencing functional movement with a yoga style flow, and is ideal for anyone. Whether you're rehabbing an injury, getting back into training, or looking to maximize your performance, Beast Flow is for you. Unleash your inner beast!

*All fitness levels welcome

*BYOM (bring your own mat)


cyclone: HIIT & Spin

This unique fusion of mixed intervals on and off the bike is designed to shred calories, increase cardiovascular endurance and build lower and upper body strength. Steep hill climbs and descents on the bike alternate with upper body/core strengthening exercises on the floor, providing a full-body workout unlike any other. Are you brave enough to weather the storm?

*all fitness levels welcome


Women's Self-Defense/Strength

This empowering class for women is designed to learn moves in the event of an attack while also building upper body, lower body and core strength. Women will burn calories, build muscle and burn fat all while gaining the confidence to defend themselves against an attacker of any size, including someone with a weapon. Students will also learn de-escalation techniques to avoid or stop an attack. The class will also include a regular meditation to strengthen the mind.

*All fitness levels welcome