a new breed of gym

strength | weight-loss | Athletics | cross-training | Boxing/MMA

confidence | Leadership | respect | integrity | etiquette

$40/month for unlimited open gym | no contracts (We buy out contracts) | No startup, cancellation or any other B.S. fees

unleash your full potential in upstate new york's ultimate strength, weight-loss & athletic gym. no matter what your goals are or what type of training you're into, you can do it all right here. work out alongside determined individuals such as yourself, experience total exercise freedom, and be a part of not only a gym... a comradery, and a culture. our elite, highly educated trainers and gym leaders will be on staff to give you spots, workout tips, advice on proper form/technique, and any other sort of educational guidance you need. our priority is making sure that your workouts are effective & safe. 

Experience a gym dynamic like no other, starting with our main floor filled with a multitude of strength, cardio, cross-training, calisthenic and plyometric equipment, 30 yards of indoor turf and a half basketball court. For the heavy lifters and competitors, Go all out in our Guerrilla Room- filled  with olympic racks, platforms, various lift-specific barbells, bumper plates and much more. Then Step into our athletic room for; boxing (ring, heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags), netted throwing/kicking area and sports simulator (golf, soccer, baseball and football). After your workout/training, make use of our locker room, showers and sauna. No matter what you're looking for, we've got it all.

here, there are no contracts and no startup fees. self-motivation and a lifetime of health & fitness will be your only commitments; commit to yourself, not a contract. we strive to uphold our vision of what it means to be a true gym: focus, hard work, and achievement; our attitude is what defines our culture. the gbox isn't just for athletes... it's for those who think like athletes.

"Intimidate your workout!"