Finally, a gym with everything for everyone! Unleash your full potential in upstate New York's ultimate strength, weight-loss & athletic gym. No matter what your goals are or what type of training you're focusing on, you can accomplish it all right here. Work out alongside determined individuals such as yourself, experience total exercise freedom, and be a part of not only a gym... a comradery, and a culture. Our elite, highly educated trainers and gym leaders will be on staff to give you spots, workout tips, advice on proper form/technique, and any other sort of educational guidance you need. Our priority is making sure that your workouts are effective & safe. 

Commit to yourself, not a contract. Here, there are no contracts and no startup fees. Self-motivation and a lifetime of health & fitness will be your only commitments. We strive to uphold our vision of what it means to be a true gym; quality, focus, hard work, determination and achievement. Our attitude is what defines our culture; confidence, leadership, respect, integrity and etiquette. No matter what, the goal is always to leave this place with more confidence than you had when you came in.

Experience a gym dynamic like no other with a multitude of strength, cardio, cross-training, athletic, calisthenic and plyometric equipment, 30 yards of indoor turf and a half basketball court. Enjoy full access to our locker rooms, showers, sauna and so much more…



Welcome to Athlantis! For the athlete aspiring to take his/her skills to the next level, this room can accommodate virtually any sport. Step onto our netted-off athletic turf to freely practice throwing, kicking, catching, agility and plyometric drills. Surrounding our turf you’ll discover dedicated strength and calisthenic areas for limitless cross-training possibilities. Enter our fighting zone filled with a multitude of heavy/double-end/speed/Aqua bags, along with a multi-purpose ring suited for boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, grappling and MMA. And for the grand finale, step into our sports simulator; programmed with golf, soccer, baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Now you know why we call it an athlete’s paradise.


For the beastly powerlifters and weightlifters who like to bring the noise, the competitors who need raw private space to focus, or the aspiring lifters entering the world of olympic lifting, step into the Guerrilla Room. This room is filled with olympic racks, platforms, various lift-specific barbells, bumper plates, chalk and much more- not to mention iron grit. Back here you’ll be a part of a positive, motivating and dedicated community of lifters who will push each other to succeed. Not only is the Guerrilla Room built for powerlifting and weightlifting, but it possesses the raw atmosphere that has earned its name.