The People's Gym

Disclaimer: I hope you like reading because this is one long-@#% blog! 

When choosing a gym, it's important to ask yourself a very blunt question, "What is this gym's priority, money or people?"

Corporate-style gyms all share the same business model; dirt cheap prices (sounds good until you read on), contracts, extra fees, and cramming in as many people as they can without any concern for comfort.

If you pay close attention to the way you're sold a membership at a corporate-style gym, it's very reminiscent of the way you're sold a car at a dealership. Nothing against car dealerships, but fitness is not a car, therefore should not be sold like one. When you decide to join, things suddenly become reminiscent of signing a phone contract, which I think we're all pretty familiar with. As you look closer, you begin to realize that this gym's business model does not come from a genuine structure built on health and fitness. It comes from an opportunistic structure built on "cha-ching!"

Obviously businesses need to make money in order to thrive and grow, that goes without saying. But, money is the byproduct of a great business and should never be the actual business itself. When businesses offer a great service or product, the money comes precisely because we want that great service or product. Opening a business with money as your sole intention is like eating a meal with the sole intention of going #2. When a business only focuses on money, the result is inevitably a lack in quality and care in its patrons.

At first glance, $10 or even $20 per month for a gym membership sounds great. But just like any other super cheap service or product, there's always a trade-off. That trade-off is quality. If you ordered a prime cut steak at a restaurant and it only cost $1, you'd immediately question the quality of that steak, or if it even is... steak. The same goes for a business like a gym; quality should come first. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you're only paying $10 or $20 per month for a gym membership, that means you'll only get about $10 or $20 worth out of it. The reality is you can either have a low-quality gym for an insanely low price, or a high-quality gym that costs a little more. It's up to you to make the choice on which is more important, but you can't have it both ways; here's why...

Gyms are incredibly expensive to not only start up, but to maintain. Aside from all of the large monthly expenses, whenever new additions are made and a gym brings in even one new piece of equipment, you can bet your buns of steel it'll cost at least a few grand. That being said, you can start to see the flaws of having a $10 or $20 per month gym with those kind of regular expenses. In order to cover that hefty monthly nut and make a profit, a typical gym with those prices would have to maintain thousands of members at a time, usually around 5,000, relying on the vast majority of them to never come. Even if only 20% of 5,000 members come to a gym regularly, that's still a 💩load of people! The inevitable result of this business model is an extremely overcrowded and uncomfortable gym where you're lucky to get half of your workout in. And not being able to finish your workout at a gym is like not being able to finish your meal at a restaurant. It should be unheard of. The solution to this is creating a price that is both affordable and reflective of the value your facility offers... or in other words, a "sweet spot." This allows the gym to cap off their memberships once they hit a certain number, ensuring each member a consistently great workout experience alongside driven individuals who value their goals just as much as you do. This is exactly what we've done at the GBOX, and it continues to work beautifully.

The aftermath of getting sucked into one of those low price corporate gym deals is a flat out terrible gym experience, leaving you with the realization that your gym contract was, as Admiral Ackbar would put it, "A trap!" Once you're locked into that contract, they will make money off of you at every turn. These types of gyms have set themselves up to make money from you no matter what you do. If you sign up, they charge you a signup fee. What is that fee for? A mystery that has plagued mankind for decades. Once you're a member, they get their monthly membership fee, which is the only fee that actually makes sense. If you're a loyal member for a year, they reward you with that random annual fee for... I believe the correct term is "bull@#%*." Then if you wish to cancel your membership, they'll still make money off of you with that absurd cancellation fee, like it's punishment for leaving. So whether you join, stay, or leave, they are always making money. 

The way I see it, these gyms use contracts because they lack the confidence that their members will actually stay because they like it. They're all afraid to step away from the traditional "gym model" and create their own model that's genuine and authentic. But, as long as they see more and more dollar signs, they'll never change. But, years ago I decided that It was time to change the game, and that's exactly what the GBOX has done. 

So, what does the GBOX do that's so different? My simple answer to this has always been, "I kept what people liked, did away with what people didn't like, and added what people wanted." we put quality ahead of everything else, And when quality comes first, an everlasting business always follows. it starts with the owner, me, the root, the guy who created this place. Having a personal training background, a degree in exercise science, and having worked out in various gyms throughout my life, I understood what we all wanted in a gym. The vast majority of corporate-style gym owners have no background in fitness or even work out for that matter. I've always believed that when it comes to your health and fitness, it is a tremendous responsibility to undertake and needs to be done with the utmost quality and care. A gym is unlike any other business; It's a place where you can unleash confidence, gain strength physically and mentally, achieve life-changing health and fitness, and discover your true potential for just how much you can accomplish... Not your average product, therefore should not come from an average gym. You deserve the best, because you aspire to be the best.

It is the goal of myself, my incredible team, and the GBOX Gym to be, and always remain the People's Gym.

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