Let's talk about annual maintenance fees...

Corporate-style gyms are notorious for charging their members fees that make no sense, and today I am going to focus on the dreaded annual maintenance fee. This is a very common fee you’ll experience in most corporate-style gyms, but you may be wondering, “What exactly is this fee for?” What these gyms will tell you is that it’s for equipment additions, upgrades, and overall facility improvements, aannnddd cue the part where I pretend to sneeze while yelling, “bull$@#*!”

Only a fraction of that fee actually goes towards facility improvements, and the vast majority of it goes right into the owner’s pocket as a nice yearly bonus. If you belong or have ever belonged to a corporate-style gym, you’ll notice very little change over the course of each year. To put it in perspective, these gyms have thousands of members, charging at the very least $50 per person per year… that’s a lot of dough. You’d think with that kind of money the gym should have everything! But we now know where that money actually goes.

So, here is what we’ve decided to do at the GBOX. Instead of making it mandatory for every member to pay an annual fee for gym additions, upgrades and improvements, we’ve created the GBOX Gym Fund. This volunteer-based fund is dedicated towards giving you, the member, everything you could possibly want in your gym. When a piece of equipment, upgrade or facility improvement is in demand, it will become the headline of our funding goal. You’ll then have the opportunity to donate as much as you’d like towards that goal. This way you’ll know, and be able to see in real time, that your donations are going to the right place.

We strongly believe in treating each and every one of you with the utmost level of fairness, earning your trust, and giving you nothing less than the gym of your dreams. The GBOX is built on community, and it takes a community to build it. Let’s grow together!

Click below to enter our new GBOX Gym Fund page and see what our current goal is…

Glenn BrownComment