Recapping Kaged Kombat 27

The night started out the same way weigh-ins did, with some delay. The doctor wasn’t there on time so the show was delayed a half-hour. Going right into the first bout, Wes making his debut in a grappling match. It ended much sooner than it should have with Wes being in control and then getting caught by a peruvian neck tie. Neither me or Wyatt saw it coming an/or quick enough to tell him to defend it. For those who don’t know, it not a very commonly done move, setting it up from a front headlock. Unfortunately a loss to a very seasoned cage grappler.

Next up we had Deshawn. We knew his opponent was a big bjj practitioner and had a good game plan of keeping it on his feet. He came out and clipped the guy and as soon as that happened, he tried to take it to the ground. Deshawn had a beautiful sprawl and stuffed it, but then got pinned against the cage and to the ground.  After fighting valiantly to try and get back to his feet, he was submitted by a triangle choke.

Last up we had Wyatt for the lightweight title. Wyatt opened up in the first and really let his opponent have it. How his guy was still standing after the beating he gave was beyond me and everyone else watching the fight. With being taken down and almost catching him in an armbar. The second round went the same way but with Wyatt getting taken down against the cage and his opponent unleashed a flurry of ground and pound. Wyatt managed to get on top and returned with his own ground and pound, breaking his left hand somewhere in the process. Third round opened up with another barrage by Wyatt, but his opponent gaining the upper hand with another successful taken on the cage. From there he was finished via tko with little time left in the round.

All 3 guys showed immense heart that night and I couldn’t be more proud while trying to hide the disappointment in myself. The ground and cage was our weak-spot and the ground was where I was suppose to take care of these guys. Even after convincing myself of letting it go, I lost sleep over it thinking about the what if’s. Eventually the next day I came to the acceptance that we prepared the best we could with the resources we currently have. It was definitely a learning experience for all 4 of us and it will benefit these guys greatly in their upcoming bouts.

Thor LampmanComment