Random Epiphany

Recently I had an epiphany that for the past year I have become content with life. Some would look at this and say, "Good for you!” when in reality this is my worst fear. To be content is to be unchanging. It is the hunger of knowledge and self-hate that I suck that fuels me to be better and makes me good at what I do. This happened recently when I was watching my mentor doing a consultation with a personal training client.

It was similar to what I do for my consultations but I noticed there were small details I have been missing that he either did or discussed that hasn’t even crossed my mind before. With that, the light bulb went off and I realized that I have been stagnant in my learning and growth because I stopped watching other coaches. I stopped asking questions and I became stuck in my toolbox.

Again, not necessarily a bad thing since I should master my tools before adding on and this was slightly due to studying for the CSCS. Still, I had neglected my observations and showed with my brain becoming as stale as 8-month-old chips Left open on the counter.

The biggest take away from this is to not become stale chips. Keep finding people who you think know more than you and watch them, write down questions, no matter what the question is, and keep learning. The biggest downfall in life is being the same exact person you were a year ago.

Thor LampmanComment