Thoughts on Power Work

After hearing all the great presenters and coaches talk at the Speed and Power Summit I went to a couple weeks ago has really got me thinking differently about power.

When we think of power at first we either think in two dimensions, Plyometrics (medball throws, jumping, landing) or Olympic lifting movements (clean, snatch, and every variation of the two).  Each in their own respect is good, but which one is better?

I feel this is an “it depends” answer.

Most collegiate weight rooms or any football program will say that cleans/hang cleans are a must, and maybe they are. If you can coach the everliving crap out them and get athletes to look great doing them, please continue being savage.

For myself, I can coach up the hang clean (not my best), but I’ve noticed when you make athletes (and Gen. Pop.) do a medball throw or jump to a box or bound from side to side, you can really see how their body works and compensates. So it begs the question, are Olympic lifts necessary outside of the sport or are do we just have to keep teaching an athlete to be athletic and to jump more, sprint more, throw more, and/or just in general move better?

I wish I had an answer, but I really don’t know. Only time will tell (or hopefully someone smarter or more experienced than myself).

Thor LampmanComment