Nutrition is a Journey

I’ve been having lately more clients asking me what I do for nutrition and how I got in good shape. It really hasn’t been luck or genetics, Its been a journey of constantly reading, experimenting, learning, and tweaking. Rewind to sophomore year of college, I bulked up for wrestling so I was about 210lbs, 20% body fat. After quitting wrestling to focus on school, I was still 200lbs and not happy with how I was. I immediately started researching and talking to people who were smarter than me. Fast forward 5 years to present day, I am now 165 and around 10% body fat. So to give you perspective, it has taken me 5 years of constant diligence and tweaking to get to where I am now. So for anyone who is trying to lose weight, get in shape, gain weight and give up after 1 month because you aren’t seeing results; give yourself more time. Some people can lose or gain weight quicker than others, so don’t be discouraged if you are doing a group weight loss thing and you aren’t losing as much as the next person. But I digress, the point of this was to put into perspective the journey, now for some quick tips. One of the biggest ones I can give for nutrition is use common sense. By that I mean, stop and think to yourself, “Should I be eating this?”, “Am I really hungry?”, “Does this cost as much as it would if I bought the ingredients at the store?”. Most of these questions we often answer no, but we ignore our common sense and eat it anyways. Another simple tip is to eat as little processed or boxed food as possible. Also listen to your body; if a certain food doesn’t agree with your stomach, don’t eat it. If there is a certain food or type of food that you know you digest quickly, odds are you can keep that in. Most importantly, moderation is key. You can eat as healthy as possible, but if you are still overeating, you may not get the results you want.

Thor LampmanComment