Another Milestone

Today, I hit another personal milestone in keeping healthy.

Ran an 8.45 min mile then added 7 more mins of jogging. I know to some that's not very fast, but considering my age (62) and the fact that I'm not a big cardio person with a lot of upper body muscle... I impressed myself. I also watched a marathon runner and tried to copy her form which really helped (the benefits of a trainer).

Besides running an 8.45 mile, the most important milestone in a person's life is their health, which is often overlooked. Here are some guidelines and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and if you're thinking, "Wow, that's so simple." That's because it is:

  • Eating almost anything (no dairy), but in small portions
  • Hitting the gym at least 5 times per week; mainly weight training with cardio a couple times per week, but no more then 25–45 minutes per session.
  • No smoking, but having an occasional drink.
  • Constantly keeping active, staying busy, and standing instead of sitting as much as you can.

As a result, here is a comparison of my blood work numbers:

4 years ago: Blood pressure 145/82, Cholesterol 197, Triglycerides 500

Now: Blood pressure 127/70, Cholesterol 167, Triglycerides 150

If you go to a gym, stay with it. If not, start and make it part of your lifestyle- you won't regret it. Maintaining health and strength is so much simpler than you think.

Glenn BrownComment