Road to Kaged Kombat 27: Weigh-ins

Weigh-ins came with many surprises and curve-balls to throw us off today. Starting the day off with one guy 2 lbs under, one 1 lb over, and another 2 lbs overs definitely caused some stress at the beginning of the day. i thought it would be no problem since I planned for day of weight cuts using a sauna and layering up. That was until everyone got here and we found out the sauna was broken. After wasting half an hour trying to come up with places for a sauna we can use, I decided it was time to improvise, which lead to a mcgyvered sauna.

We layered the guy who needed to loose the most weight and headed back to my apartment. There, we barricaded ourselves in my bathroom and turned the shower on its hottest setting. As soon as the water ran cold, we all got out and luckily being a hot day sat on the porch to keep the sweat going. Below being the result.

Fast forward 2 hours later, we had everyone exactly on weight. Wyatt at 154, Wes at 170, and Deshawn at 147(even though he had to spit in a water bottle the whole way up just to be sure).

Afterwards, going to Druthers and stuffing our faces was a good way to solidify our team bonding today. Seeing how confident and relaxed the 3 of them were at dinner gave me some hope that I’ve done everything I could to get them prepared for tomorrow . These are some of most hardworking guys I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and I’m looking forward to seeing them perform their best.

Thor LampmanComment