Road to Kaged Kombat 27 - 5 Days Out

This will be my first fight week since I fought a couple years ago. As a fighter it wasn’t as stressful as you think it would be. You pull back with training, watch what you eat, and mentally prepare with the help of your coaches. Honestly it was the easiest week leading up to the fight. One of my guys even used a day to just go out and play Pokémon go, to get moving at low intensity with low impact and successfully distracting himself. 

As a coach, I’m a little stressed out. Between making sure guys are on weight, making sure they are pulling back their intensities (especially since I only see them for wrestling), coordinating for weigh-ins and fight night, re-watching fights to make sure the game plan is crisp, and also making sure mentally everyone is where they need to be. It makes me appreciate that much more what my Coach did for me during fight week and the people I had around me. To be on the other side of fight week is already proving to be an interesting experience and we are still 5 days out.

Thor LampmanComment