The December Challenge

I was perusing through Instagram when I came across this;

A challenge posted by @operationwerewolf. I thought to myself that this is pretty interesting and ended up modifying it a bit. This is what I came up with.


1. Learn a new skill or work on an existing skill

What I mean by this is to learn a completely new thing. Honestly, pick anything you can think of and just only work on it for one month. See how well you can obtain that skill and master it. 

If you have trouble committing to a new skill, than you can take the other path and work on an existing one. Whether that’s expanding, perfecting, or even picking back up and older skill and just practicing it. Again, the sky’s the limit for what you choose.

For me:  This will be learning how to relax. Some of you may not think of this as a skill, but believe it or not this is something I really struggle with. For those who know me, they know i’m always up to something; constantly working, having plans, doing stuff around the house, etc. It’s always something, but being busy doesn’t mean being productive. My hopes are that by learning how to relax it will give me a chance to really unplug and in the long run making me more productive with work rather than just being “busy”.


2. Pick two books that you will benefit from and finish them by the end of December

When I use the word ‘benefit’, I mean by improving yourself in someway. This doesn’t mean go pick up a textbook or a self help book and shovel through it. This could be as simple as picking up a book you’ve been wanting to read and haven’t made time for it. Reading in general has shown to improve yourself in various ways. Really any book will do, but make sure you understand the book. If it was a fictional story, know and understand the plot and character; Textbook, understand the information you are really learning about; A skill book, know the skill inside and out rather than just mimicking it.               *Kill two birds with one stone and choose one book about how to learn the skill you picked above*

For me: This one was a tough one for me in a few different ways. For starters, I have multiple books in my “you must read this” pile. As a recommendation from my mentor, my first book will be Advances in Functional Training by Mike Boyle. This is the almanac to understanding more about the details of everything that goes int my career from one of the best. 

My second book will be Worm by Wildbow. Technically an eBook/web serial and also a book I’m picking back up from where I left off. It is a great superhero story that I’m pretty sure is as long as one of the later harry potter books(after number 3 or 4). It was a great story and I only gave up on it to focus more on textbooks. This will be a true test if I can make it through both books by the end of the month.


3. Abstain from one bad habit

Again, this can be anything. I really don’t have to delve down the rabbit hole to explain what this entails.

For me: Three words: Less…Social…. Media. We have all had those moments, we sit down and check Instagram or Facebook to see something quick. Next thing we know, it’s 3 hours later and you can’t feel your toes anymore. I too have fallen prey to too much social media consumption. I find myself forcing to find things that are interesting when I’m on there, especially if I am bored. I even catch myself sometimes rolling over and getting on Instagram first thing in the morning. So my goal for December is no consumption, and only production;  More Instagram stories/posts, more blog posts, or supplement my time with reading.

All three of these challenges, at face, seem very simple but will be tough to do for the next 31 days. I invite you to come join me on this quest and see if we can survive without folly of these 3 tasks(technically 4 if you count each book). Comment on this post and let me know what you will be doing for these for the next 31 days. Misery enjoys company but there is strength in numbers. 

Shout out to @operationwerewolf for this great challenge and inspiration to do my own version of it.


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