3 Basic Healthy Lifestyle Tips While in School


1. Be Proactive About How/When You Sleep

Finding the time to get 8 hours of sleep while in college can be extremely difficult, however, it is vital to keep your body healthy and ready for any fitness activity. Many studies such as one performed by SNHU show what factors play into obtaining healthy night sleep. Sleeping the appropriate amount of time is crucial in allowing your body to recover from any training you did that day. If you’re looking to see results in the gym, giving your body enough time to recover while you sleep is just as important as proper nutrition and your workout routine.


2. Finding Time to Exercise

The GBOX and many other gyms, including campus gyms, open early in the morning (5am) and close late at night (11pm). This provides many options as to when in your schedule is best to go to the gym, and nobody likes working out in a crowded gym either. Before joining the GBOX then becoming a GBOX employee, my experience as a member at previous gyms made me realize that it was best to avoid going during peak hours which are between 5-8pm at night. Learning when a certain gym has its “peak hours” will help you avoid the annoyance of a crowded gym and enjoy your workouts even more. The great thing about the GBOX is that even during peak hours, though busy, it never gets overcrowded like other gyms, and the people are awesome.


3. Eating Habits

There is a reason the “freshman 15” has become a classic college saying. It’s really easy to take advantage of the all you can eat food in dining halls, the ease of ordering pizza and fast food, and the countless parties. Just telling yourself to “eat healthier” isn’t a strong goal. Instead, if you plan out your meals ahead of time you can increase your chances of success. Limit yourself to one plate of food, make sure unhealthy carbs are swapped out with fruit or vegetables. If you have the ability, meal prepping and having healthy rationed meals ready to heat up makes it that much easier to eat healthy during your busy days at school.

Dylan AltobelliComment