"Not your average gym. Glenn and team helped motivate me and regain my interest in my fitness after a long hiatus and many failed gym memberships. Personal training sessions are a must if you're getting back into working out. Equipment is state of the art and the innovative equipment helps keep workout routines interesting and different. No long-term contract needed but once you get started, you won't let yourself quit!! I highly recommend you check this place out." -Scott

"Awesome trainer - awesome workouts! Love it here!!" -Grace

"I only trained with Glenn for about a month, but in that short span of time I learned a lot about fitness, proper exercise form and techniques. The routines Glenn made were short but extremely effective; results were quick! More than that, I learned the importance of strength and weight training when trying to lose weight, as opposed to just a lot of cardio. Glenn is a great trainer, who'll help you get through your sets even if you're struggling, and I would highly recommend him to anyone!" -Annie

“Was recommended to Glenn Brown and I was not disappointed. He was very helpful and informative in planning out a routine for me to achieve the goals that I had set out. he showed me how to get the most out of my workouts and how to properly complete each exercise so that I was not wasting energy and wouldn't hurt myself. I would recommend Glenn to anyone who is serious about their personal fitness and is looking for great help to get the most out of their time." -Jacob

"Glenn is an excellent personal trainer! I came to him with multiple fitness goals and he helped me achieve them with a program specifically tailored for me. Before training with Glenn, I was unable to run a mile without stopping. Since training with him, I can now easily run three miles! With the help of his training program, I was able to lose more than 50 lbs and learned many valuable weight-training techniques. Glenn motivated and encouraged me to push myself beyond my self-imposed limits and I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Glenn!" -Megan