Building the GBOX as a Community

The continuous success of the GBOX is built on the ongoing support of our amazing members. We strive to uphold our vision to be the best, and will always commit to giving you, the member, everything you could possibly want in a gym. Just like any individual determined to achieve a fitness or athletic goal, the GBOX must grow before it can reach its maximum potential.

When it comes to facility additions and improvements, other gyms will charge each member an annual maintenance fee with the promise of utilizing those fees to introduce a multitude of brand new equipment, upgrades, and features. Sadly, the vast majority of that annual fee goes right into the pocket of the owner, and only a fraction of it actually goes towards improving the gym itself.

We’ve decided to take a more unique and fair approach to this challenge. Instead of forcing everyone to pay a yearly fee, we’ve introduced the GBOX Gym Fund. This fund is completely voluntary and dedicated to those who wish to contribute towards new equipment/facility additions, upgrades and features. This fund also ensures that every penny goes directly into improving the gym and not into anyone’s pocket. With your help, the GBOX will continue growing into the greatest gym of all time, and you will have been an essential part of that achievement.

Our current goal is…


AMOUNT NEEDED: $2,731.41


Fund it!



“I’ll help get this started on behalf of my son Matt. The GBox is his home away from home when not at school. Congratulations to all that Glenn and his staff have done to make a successful gym like no other.” -Robin Gonzales