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Knee Pain/IT Band Syndrome PT Clinic


We are looking forward to welcoming Choice Physical Therapy this Sunday 1/21/18 to discuss exercise/lifting-related injuries including knee pain/IT Band Syndrome.

Do your knees pop, ache or bother you going up and down stairs after a workout?

Have you ever had to miss a workout or take time off from squatting or deadlifting because your knees were bothering you?

Are you wondering what compensations you might have that are placing more stress on your knees?

Are you interested in improving how your body moves and decreasing your risk for future lifting related injuries?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we'll be covering these issues as well as outlining:

- The #1 single biggest mistake we see from lifter's that we've worked with over the past 10 years that places more stress on their lower bodies.

- The 3 most common issues we see in lifter's that place their knees at increased risk for injury.

Choice Physical Therapy is located in Troy, NY and has quickly developed their reputation as a group of forward thinking, manual therapists. We’re committed to helping individuals work through their injuries and teaching how to implement strategies to decrease the likelihood of future injury. Our goal is simple: help you to move well so you can get back to all the things you love in life!

Looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday 1/21/18!
P.S. Each person that attends will receive a copy of our report "Top Ways to Eliminate Nagging Knee Pain"

“It's very rare for me to write a review but I'm so impressed with how much Choice PT has helped me with my knee pain that I simply must share with as many people as possible. I was told by my doctor, who is excellent, that I need knee replacements in order to resolve the chronic knee pain I was experiencing. I went to Choice P.T. in desperation with hopes that they could help me avoid or prolong such a major surgery. After 1 single session, my knee pain virtually disappeared! Now, they’re helping me build strength to continue improving my quality of life. Thank you Joe and Choice P.T. for helping me enjoy life again! I am forever grateful...”

“Before coming to Choice, I had extreme knee pain every time I walked up and down the stairs as well as during and after exercising. I had knee pain for about two years and didn't think it was going to get much better. I decided to go to Choice to see if there was anything they could do for me and after just the first couple visits I could already feel my knee getting better. After a couple months of coming, I am pain free in my knee and my daily activities are no longer a challenge for me. Thank you to Joe and Cody for an amazing experience and helping me get to where I am. I would recommend Choice to anyone who feels like they need physical therapy. They're great!” 

Date & Time

Sunday, January 21





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