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Tiffany's Nutrition Seminar: Myths & Misconceptions

Ok, so it's another new year, and out rolls the same old and even some new myths, misconceptions and blunt lies about fitness and nutrition. It is almost impossible for me to go through every single one out there (we would be here for years), but what I can and am going to do is go over the top 10 that drive me absolutely bonkerz, crazy, irritated and plain old annoyed. You heard me right. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked about a myth or misconception regarding fitness and nutrition, I'd be rich! Wait a minute, maybe thats a good idea? Kidding lol. Ok, so here are my top 10 myths, misconceptions and total B.S. that YOU MUST stop believing in today if you want to not only see results, but make lifestyle changes mentally, emotionally and physically.

1. Carbs are bad for you- NO THEY ARE NOT. Carbs are fuel. They are essential and I can tell you from experience (I will go into detail and talk at the seminar).

2. Fats are bad for you- again NO THEY ARE NOT. Fats are essential for hormones, mental health and overall production of body chemistry.

3. Protein is bad for you- no joke, this is a myth. This myth is extremely not true. Protein is essential to a well working, muscle building, fat losing, and over all productive body. Without protein you cannot be a lean mean muscle building machine.

4. Salt is bad for you- Salt in moderation and at a percentage that is needed for your fitness goals. When you sweat you lose salt and when you lose salt, you lose electrolytes. Your body needs a balance of electrolytes to function.

5. Wheat bread is better than white bread- honestly, cut them both out and get real complex carbs in your diet. And by complex carbs I am talking about oatmeal, brown rice, Ezekiel bread (sprouted grain bread), sweet potatoes, red potatoes, quinoa, etc. These are the carbs you want. Wheat and white bread are empty carbs, nutritionally. Sure, they're cheap and easy and fill you up, but only momentarily.

6. Supplements are superior to eating real food- no, no and no. A supplement is just that; supplement to your diet, not in place of. A supplement is intended to fill in the areas that real food cannot.

7.  Detox regularly- Nope. The Body does it for you when you eat real, unprocessed, clean food. And by clean, I mean fruits, vegetables, lean meats, complex carbs and healthy fats. The body is truly amazing and doesnt need a fancy diet, drink or detox to detoxify. 

8. Do not eat before bed- Nope but do not eat over your caloric intake. Eating before bed doesn't make you fat or gain weight but eating more than your body needs does. Eating before bed can however disrupt sleep, especially if you eat certain foods (which stay tuned for, that comes next today)- I will provide a list of foods not to eat before bed :)

9,  Fasted cardio is essential to fat loss- Nope. Again, diet and fitness go together like peanut butter and chocolate (ok jelly, but I hate jelly). Do the type of cardio you enjoy. I know as you guys roll your eyes and scoff at cardio, I've done it too. But cardio has a place and an essential place for our fitness goals and body. It is essential for the heart! And well, like it or not, it does feel good once you commit to it :) Hello endorphins! Fasted cardio can be favorable to some because of the empty tummy feeling and not being full. I personally love it but to each is their own. Do the cardio that you like, when you like, just sure to keep it at 35-40 minutes and at 60-80% of your heart rate.

10. And last, but not least, you need to eat multiple times a day to lose weight. This one is hihgly controversial, however I am here to tell you you can lose weight or gain weight or maintain your weight with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 meals a day. How? Caloric intake and macro balance. Follow an eating schedule and diet that FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE. NOT ONE YOUR FRIEND, CO-WORKER, FAMILY, TRAINER OR INSTAGRAM IDOL IS DOING. YOU ARE YOU. DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE, AND KEEP ACHIEVING GOALS IS TO BE CONSISTENT AND HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND HABITS. RESULTS AND SCIENCE DONT LIE BUT THE MIRROR AND MEDIA DO AND WILL ;)

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