NASM Certified Personal Trainer




General Fitness

  • Total body workouts for weight-loss, toning, muscle gain, and endurance training.

Powerlifting & Strength

  • Specialized programs for powerlifting and strength gain.


  • -Focus on pristine form for injury prevention.

Weight Loss

  • Personalized workouts with a combination of HIIT training and total body strength training to meet your goals.


BIO & Experience

I started working out at a young age, running into ups and downs throughout my journey, but always pushed through, kept the fire burning and strived to learn more; the saying “consistency is key” could not be any more true. I tried many different training styles in order to lose weight, but at such an early age I didn’t have the knowledge, and lost an over-excessive amount of weight. it was a mental battle for me, but I was determined to be healthy again and that’s when I found that lifting was the thing for me. since then, i’ve gain more muscle then I ever thought I could, and am happier and healthier than ever. it gave me the confidence that I searched for and the stress reliever that I needed.

As I dedicated time and effort into learning proper technique and gradually progressing to heavier weights, I fell in love with the powerlifting sport and decided to start competing. I since accomplished 5 state records and placed 6th in the nation for my category. Being the social butterfly that I am, I quickly developed a love for teaching others and thriving off of not only my own success but also the success of others.

My goal for each individual is to guide them along their journey in finding a love for fitness and reaching their goals; to not have the gym be something that is dreaded and despised but to wake each morning excited and motivated to be one step closer to reaching yet another goal, and become the most healthy, strong and confident version of themselves. I am here to create personalized workouts catering toward each person’s goals, age, fitness level, capabilities, and needs; making it fun, safe and rewarding- whether you’re experienced or just starting. I strive to learn more everyday and dedicate my time into teaching and assisting others to reach their ultimate goals.

"Build your body, brick by brick."




“Esther is an awesome trainer! I’ve tried many trainers throughout the years and they were all good, but Esther felt like family. From the moment I met her I felt very comfortable. I knew she was a person that could help achieve new goals and also one that would help change lives for the better. She makes working out fun and inspires to reach new goals. She’s motivated, dedicated and has a passion to help her clients. I have been very impressed by her knowledge, and ability to connect. I took the summer off, but it’s because of her that got me motivated and kicked me back in gear. She is very caring and attentive to what limits are, and how far she can push them. I have several injuries and she knew exactly where to stop me. She encourages and motivates to do better. She deserves the best compliments and I look forward to working with her more in the future. I have and would highly recommend her again to anyone at any fitness level!” -Grace