Membership Downgrade Submission Form

  • This form is solely intended for those who wish to downgrade their Red G Membership to the Blue G Membership.

  • Membership downgrades must be requested through this Membership Downgrade form 31 days prior to the 1st of the desired month you wish your membership change to take effect (the 1st of the month is when your membership payment is processed). Any request made less than 31 days in advance of the 1st of that month will result in the following month's payment processing for your current membership, regardless of your attendance.

  • If you are the paying member of a family plan, please include all names of those you wish to downgrade in this form.

  • Once your membership is downgraded, you will no longer be grandfathered into its original price, should you choose to upgrade.

  • Late notices will not be refunded.

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By clicking submit, you are agreeing to our membership downgrade policy described above and understand that your membership change will take effect 31 days from today.