Coaching FAQs

what kind of Coaching do you offer?

customized athletic technique-focused and nutrition for individuals (1-on-1) and small groups (3–6).


How much is Coaching?

Coaching prices vary, depending on how many you get. This can be further discussed with one of our coaches at your free consultation/assessment.


Are there any contracts?



Is the open gym included with my Coaching?

Yes! If you purchase a recurring package of at least 4 weeks of sessions at a time, you may use the gym for as long as you train. We strongly encourage working out in the open gym on your own and utilizing everything you learn with your coach to achieve maximum results. 


What can I expect from my free consultation/assessment?

This will give you the opportunity to meet your coach, discuss your goals, specifically, and receive a taste of the coaching to come. It'll also give your coach the opportunity to assess your fitness and/or athletic level, and your body composition. From there, he/she can develop a customized coaching program, tailored just for you.


How customized is my coaching?

Completely Tailor-made for your specific goals, no matter what they are.


Will my progress be tracked and assessed?

Your progress will constantly be tracked and assessed by your coach regularly. You can also use Fitbook to keep track of your exercise routine and diet.

Click here to learn about Fitbook


What's the deal with group coaching?

Your group can be made by you, consisting of friends and family, or you can join an existing group! being that there are up to 6 people in a group, Our small group coaching costs are significantly less than one-on-one coaching. However, you will always retain the intimacy and attention you'd receive in a one-on-one session, while adding the comradery, competition and community of a group of driven individuals. 


Will my coach properly educate me so that I can successfully perform each exercise on my own?

Yes, that is one of our main objectives.


Does each coach specialize in injury prevention?

Yes, injury prevention is a huge priority of ours.


Will I be able to get a hold of my coach if I have any questions?



I am a parent of a minor under 16 and must drive him/her. May I use the gym while he/she trains?

Yes, you may absolutely use the gym during their sessions, free of charge!


If I need to reschedule a session, how would I go about doing that?

You must give your coach at least 24 hours notice, and it must be due to an emergency related situation. There will be limited exceptions made for miscellaneous circumstances. If a session is not properly rescheduled, your payment will apply to that missed session.


Is there anything specific I need to know about paying for my sessions?

Your coaching will automatically be renewed on the last session of the series you most recently purchased, unless you notify us otherwise beforehand. All sessions must be paid for in advance before they can be scheduled.


If I ever needed to cancel or suspend my coaching, how would I go about doing so?

All you'll need to do is notify your coach through email with a written request and a valid reason at least 2 weeks prior to the next series of sessions. Late notices will not be refunded.