class FAQs

How much is a monthly class membership and what does it include?

$80 (for a limited time) and it includes unlimited use of all of our classes + full access to our open gym! 


Are there any contracts, startup fees, annual maintenance fees, or cancellation fees?

Nope, no way, uh uh, never.


Can I try a class out first?

Yes, your first class is on us!


What kind of classes do you have at the GBOX?

A TON!! Check out our class schedule on our website or mobile app (the GBOX gym).


How do I sign up for classes?

First, download our mobile app (the box gym), then create an account. If you've been with us before, be sure to use the same email you used when you filled out your forms; this way your account will sync up with our system. From here, you'll be able to book any of our classes simply by tapping. 


What if I have to pay a huge cancellation fee to get out of my current contract at another gym?

No sweat! We will take 50% off of your monthly membership at the GBOX until that fee is paid for.


How big are the classes?

We keep our classes fairly small, compared to other gyms. the mission is for your instructor to be able to attend to each and every one of you to help you with form and proper technique. Here's how we look at it; if the instructor can't see everyone in the class from the front of the classroom, it's too big.


Will the instructors offer modified versions of challenging exercises?

Yes, always. 


Do you offer a family plan?

Yes! The initial member of the family is $80/month, and each extra member is an additional $60. In order for this rate to take effect, one member must pay for all.


Do you offer a military discount? 

Yes. We offer $20 off the monthly membership for military, veterans, law enforcement, fire rescue, and paramedics/EMT.


I'm a college student, do I get any perks?

Yes, we are the most college-friendly gym there is! if you attend college out of town/out of state, You'll only pay during winter break & summer vacation. In between, weekend/week visits back home are on the house!


what if I refer someone and they sign up?

For each referral you will get 50% off of your next month's membership fee!  


How old do I have to be to participate in classes?

You must be at least 15 years old to participate on your own. If you are under 15, you must be at least 12 years old and with someone 18 or older at all times.