Welcome to the Boxing Club! Under the direction of Coach Christian, Boxing Club members will meet each week for in-depth and focused small group training. In addition, boxers will learn and go through a specific workout designed to improve not only their bodies, but their boxing skills as well. Mitt work, bag work, mirror work, sparring drills, and full contact sparring will all be utilized. Although training together, all boxers will progress at their own pace and can choose to do contact to whatever degree they feel comfortable. Furthermore, we make sure to practice the sport of boxing in a safe and positive environment.

Date & Time

Pick one or two time(s)/week:

Every Monday from 6–7pm & 7–8pm

Every Wednesday from 6–7pm & 7–8pm


$160 / 4 sessions / 4 weeks

$320 / 8 sessions / 4 weeks

Includes gym membership!


One or two hour session(s)/week

Series renews every 4 weeks