Fitness Gear to Pack When You're Traveling: Top Picks!

When you’re traveling, it’s tough to maintain your fitness. From business trips to family vacations; being away from your home gym tends to put a strain on your regular workout regimen. And though some hotels offer top-notch fitness centers, not all do.

Luckily, The Female Beast is here :) to provide you with the top gear selection! Sure, you might want to tone your quads, but you can’t fit a leg press into your suitcase. So pack a yoga mat for muscle-building bodyweight exercises— or substitute your normal bench press reps with resistance band exercises.

To make it easy for you, I've put together a list of the best travel workout gear— no gym required. Obviously, if you packed all 10 of these on-the-go essentials, you wouldn’t even have room for a toothbrush. So pick and choose wisely—focus on what works for you!

  1. Resistance Bands- wide selection of colors. Check where you buy them from for level of resistance for each color- $13.00 @
  2. Jump Rope- Purchase basically anywheres. Some do come with added weight options too for more intense jumping 
  3. Push-Up Bars- makes body weight push ups and dips just a snidge harder ;)
  4. Plyo Loops- Black colored (the toughest one) resistant band- works the glutes like no other
  5. Muscle Massager- helps roll out those knots and soreness 
  6. Trx Suspension Kit - really cool and easy  to hook up anywheres
  7. Exercise Mat/Yoga Mat
  8. Speed Ladder/Jacobs Lader
  9. Gliding Disks- Will make any single leg movement harder
  10. Hydro Medicine Ball- Fill it up as much or as little to create the weight you desire. Then dump it out when  your done :)
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