Eat Healthy While Traveling This Holiday!

Here are 7 healthy travel examples: REMEMBER: PLAN, PREP, PREPARE AND PROGRESS! 

  1. Nuts – Throw them into the perfectly portioned snack bags. Some of my favorites are raw almonds, pistachios (shelled) and walnuts. Remember portions though! 12 almonds = 100 calories ;) Stick to your diet's portion needs!
  2. Nut Butter/Peanut Butter Sandwich – Choose your favorite and slap it between 2 slices of eizikiel bread or english muffin or wrap (or 1 depending on your diet ;))
  3. Fruit – Make it easy by throwing a portable fruit in your bag. Apples and bananas are great go-tos for this. Rememer to limit to 1 piece a day and aim for eating it BEFORE 12PM!!!
  4. Lean Natural Turkey and/or Chicken Sandwich – Try a low-sodium turkey breast or chicken breast (nitrate/nitrite-free is also a great choice) on Eizkiel bread with your favorite mustard. Hint: adding mustard in between turkey slices will prevent soggy bread and also it is healthier and basically calorie free!
  5. Veggie Slices – If you don’t have the time to cut them, buy them pre-cut and throw them into a sandwich bag. Top Choices: cucumber, celery, zuccini slices, squash slices, snap peas, baby carrots (BUT LIMIT TO 5, BECAUSE THEY ARE HIGH IN SUGAR!!!), green beans, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, etc..
  6. A Protein Bar – Choose ones that are made from whole and minimally processed ingredients and at least 20 grams of protein. Also, watch the sugar in these bars. Try to aim for less than 10 grams of sugar per bar. Check out: Pure Protein, Quest, Combat, Met-RX, Oh Yeah!, or you can also make your own ;). For recipes just simply ask me :)
  7. Protein Powders – These are great if you have a re-usable water bottle. Throw powder in with water or skim milk and you’ve got a great treat. Isopure, REL, Dymatize, Beast, ON, and Warrior Blend for Vegans are top picks!
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