Not A morning Lifter? Think again and try it again! How & Why.

Rise and shine sunshine!

There’s more to working out in the morning than simply moving your body through your normal and maybe not effective routine. Proper nutrition, hydration, warmups, stretches, verbal self talk and mantras, caffeine (oh glorious coffee) and even a few head swaying tunes are all included in the morning routine.

Whether you're building muscle or trying to shed pounds this is how your going to do it. Ready? Read on... 

1. ueled up

To eat or not to eat ... what a silly question.. OK maybe for season lifters but for you, if your new, it is the perfect question and here is why.

If you’re going to eat, do it at least one hour before you’re in motion. Keep it light such as a protein shake (I isopure whey Protein)  and oatmeal or a slice of Ezekiel toast. Stay clear of fibrous (vegetables) and fatty foods as they sit in the stomach longer, making you feel heavy and sluggish.


2. Pump, Pump, Pump it up!.. Your blood circulation that is...

The body needs to adjust to what is about to happen to it when you wake up. A morning routine works, so add five minutes of drills to keep you unbreakable. Whether it’s taking a quick, 25- to 30-second shower to get the body temperature up a bit or throwing in some yoga moves, warming up pre-workout is crucial in helping to avoid injuries.An elite way to get warmed up for a workout is to do dynamic movements that mimic what you will be doing in your workout that day,


3. rank it up to crank it out... the tunes that is..

Tunes on tunes on tunes.. I always say tune it up to tune it out. Music can help regulate moods and stamina during a workout. It’s also a great distraction. In fact, listening to music can have a profound impact on physical effort by making you less aware of exertion, and other people in eye sight. 


4. h hey, H2O

The body needs water—especially during workouts. Think of yourself as always dehydrated, particularly when working out. The body is more than 60% water, so if you’re not well-hydrated prior to a workout, you cannot perform at your best. Drink a glass of water before you go to bed so you wake up hydrated and ready to go; down another glass 10 to 15 minutes before a workout.Then continue to drink water, approximately 8 -10oz every two to three hours.


5. Refuel.. ahh my favorite part :) 

What you put into your body after a workout may be more important than what goes in before. If you can’t eat earlier, hold off on food until later. Packing in some protein post-workout helps to repair muscles and encourage growth, whether you grab a hard-boiled egg or a protein shake paired with a banana and berries. Protein before a workout doesn’t lead to more muscle mass, but pumping in some of these nutrients post-workout is when your body is most receptive to its muscle-building effects and fat loss too. Your body needs the protein and simple or complex carbs to repair. DO NOT MISS this opportunity to enjoy those carbs. But remember don't over do it too. Stick to your goal and caloric and macro needs. If you are not sure what they are then it is time you find out. You can crush every workout but if you don't own your nutrition you will be a hamster in a forever turning wheel


Take these tips and give them a try! Give yourself a chance at the morning workout too! You'd be surprised at just how much changing the time you workout will not only change your body composition but also your mental, emotional and even your job compensation ;)

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