It's Not Grocery Shopping, it's GOAL Shopping! How to Shop for Your Health & Fitness Goals

Grocery stores can ruin any health and fitness goal, if not properly planned and prepared for. We don't only want to buy well, but we also want to avoid spending a ton on overpriced options that aren't healthy in fituality!

How do you beat bad buying habits? Check out these 8 GOAL shopping solutions!

1. Bring a list

Planning your meals and snacks for the week is a great way to swap and save! It will save you from unhealthy impulse buys and keep that all-important shopping bill to a minimum.

2. Scan the labels

First, be sure you know how to read a label so you're getting exactly what you expect. Ingredient labels shouldn't be long. The longer the list, the more artificial ingredients and the smaller the nutritional value. Fewer ingredients are a good sign that the product is closer to its less processed form and better for you.

3. Hang out in the produce section

This is where you can go crazy and load your shopping cart with anything you crave, or new-to-you seasonal produce. Stockpiling fruits and veggies is a brilliant way to evolve your palate, break away from your recipe routine and add variety to a healthy menu. Not only are these foods packed with health benefits, but what you see is what you get. No hidden ingredients.

4. Buy in bulk

You might be surprised to find that healthy food doesn't need to cost a fortune. In fact, it could be the cheapest stuff in your cart! Bulk prices tend to be lower, and buying quinoa, oatmeal, beans, rice, sweet potatoes or lentils in bulk can keep you well-stocked for months. Lots of healthier snacks, like nuts are also available!  

5. Buy frozen

When fruit and vegetables are harvested and frozen quickly, the nutritional value stays locked in until the day they're served. Frozen produce costs less than fresh, saving you money and reducing the waste of produce that may expire in the refrigerator.

6. Say Hey to whole grains

Whole grains = holy goodness! You can load your favorite recipes with nutrients by swapping in whole-grain bread, tortillas and pasta for the more processed stuff. Whole grains are packed with fiber, vitamin B, iron and magnesium, and they keep you feeling fuller longer

7. Stick to lean meats

Chicken, ground 99% lean turkey, 99% lean beef, salmon, tuna, and several types of white fish are great additions to your healthy shopping list. So are cuts of meat that end with "loin," like tenderloin and sirloin. .  

8. Shop at the right time

Don't shop when you're hungry. Plain and simple. There's nothing worse than walking down the grocery aisles craving everything you see. When you're hungry, all you can think about is getting something fast. So even if it's between meals, grab a quick snack at home before shopping so you're not caught off guard when you get to the store.

Next time you're ready to go GOAL shopping, remember these tips. They'll help keep your body and bank account in healthy balance.

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