“Brenna Buscher from The G-BOX is a top-notch personal trainer. She has helped me strengthen my entire body, but especially my legs. My overall health and strength has improved, and I highly recommend her. Her attention to perfect form is unmatched.” -Janine

“I work out with Brenna and she is amazing. I love how she not only pushes me and motivates me but also is extremely cautious of my neck and hip issues! The best part is that she makes sure every rep, every movement is done with precision, so as to optimize strength, and avoid injury!” -Jennifer

"Brenna is an excellent trainer. I started taking her group class and it was definitely challenging but fun! She always focuses on proper form and offers modifications; she is also funny (sour patch kid😂). I have recently started going to Brenna for personal training; she encourages and motivates me to do my best. She has not only helped me increase my strength but also my self confidence. Thanks to Brenna I now look forward to going to the gym!" -Stephanie

"Brenna is the BEST!!!" -Deanna 


Carrie's Transformation

"Thanks B! ❤️❤️❤️❤️... Thanks for constant support and being my cheerleader all these years (and for having such a great gym and amazing environment to train in)... I love being part of the GBOX family!" -Carrie


"Brenna is amazing! So encouraging so knowledgeable.. I am totally a beginner and she makes me feel very comfortable!!" -Denise

"Thank you for making me better." -Alyssa

"I have worked with Brenna over the last two years in both small group and one on one training. I enjoyed the variety and challenge in the group sessions and decided to add a personalized one on one session. I have seen a noticeable increase in my strength. I can now do pull ups thanks to her specified training plan. Brenna wants to see you succeed. I highly recommend Brenna as your trainer if your looking to achieve your fitness goals." -Heidi

"Just took the Boxing/Kettlebell class with Tina and Brenna. So fun and challenging at the same time! Thanks coaches!!" -Erin

"So I had to work solo with Brenna the destroyer today. Split lunges...burpees and lots of work with the mitts. Stick a fork in me I'm done!" -Jenn

"Thank you Brenna for our first boxing session! Was fun!! We need to sign up for more per week!! Lol" -Carrie

"The G-BOX has become a home away from home. It's truly the perfect environment to cultivate a life change that I so desperately needed. Before the G-BOX, I was a self-sabotaging, emotional eating, procrastinating ball on top of a mountain who needed a much to get my life back and now thanks to Brenna, I'm rolling over and plowing mental and physical blocks. The pain is served daily, but with a healthy supply of support. The G-BOX is a judgement free zone and the first gym (out of the 15 I've been a member of) I've been comfortable in. Thank you!" -Jocelyn