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A New Breed of Gym

We have everything for everyone

Open Gym | Classes | Fitness & Sport-Specific Training

strength | weight-loss | Athletics | cross-training | Boxing/MMA | Sports Simulator

no contracts- We buy those suckers out | No startup, cancellation or any other B.S. fees | Your first day is on us

the Gym


Experience total Exercise Freedom

$40/month for unlimited open gym

strength | weight-loss | Athletics | cross-training | Boxing/MMA | Sports Simulator

unleash your full potential in upstate new york's ultimate strength, weight-loss & athletic gym. no matter what your goals are or what type of training you're into, you can do it all right here. work out alongside determined individuals such as yourself, experience total exercise freedom, and be a part of not only a gym... a comradery, and a culture. our elite, highly educated trainers and gym leaders will be on staff to give you spots, workout tips, advice on proper form/technique, and any other sort of educational guidance you need. our priority is making sure that your workouts are effective & safe. 

Experience a gym dynamic like no other, starting with our main floor filled with a multitude of strength, cardio, cross-training, calisthenic and plyometric equipment, 30 yards of indoor turf and a half basketball court. For the heavy lifters and competitors, Go all out in our Guerrilla Room- filled  with olympic racks, platforms, various lift-specific barbells, bumper plates and much more. Then Step into our athletic room for; boxing (ring, heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags), netted throwing/kicking area and sports simulator (golf, soccer, baseball and football). After your workout/training, make use of our locker room, showers and sauna. No matter what you're looking for, we've got it all.

commit to yourself, not a contract. here, there are no contracts and no startup fees. self-motivation and a lifetime of health & fitness will be your only commitments. we strive to uphold our vision of what it means to be a true gym: Quality, focus, hard work, determination and achievement. our attitude is what defines our culture; confidence, Leadership, respect, integrity and etiquette. the gbox isn't just for athletes... it's for those who think like athletes.

"Intimidate your workout!"

Fitness classes


a new level

$80/month for a limited time for unlimited classes & open gym

Strength | HIIT | Boxing | Kickboxing | Spin | Suspension Training | Hybrids | Core | Kettlebell | Yoga | Clinics | Seminars | Special Events

Our unique fitness classes offer a fun, safe, and encouraging environment for members of all levels to enjoy a great workout! Our knowledgable and passionate instructors will guide you through the class of your choice with emphasis on proper technique and making sure you have a phenomenal workout. We offer a dynamic range of classes, all under one roof; from strength, boxing, aerobics, and weightlifting to yoga and dance- there is something for everyone!

Each of our classes are created solely by our talented instructors, and updated on a daily basis. This ensures an everlasting variety and keeps them fresh, unique and different every time. Their passion, energy, knowledge and care are imprinted in each one of their classes to always give you an unforgettable fitness class experience and most importantly... results. 

Torch calories and gain strength in our HIIT, strength, and spin classes. experience a workout like no other in our boxing and kickboxing classes. Combine training styles in our unique fusion fitness classes. bust a move and a sweat in our epic dance classes. Then destress and stretch in our various yoga classes. 

your first class is on us!

"burn, build, define, and have fun!"


Train to achieve

strength | weight loss | athletics

1-on-1 | small group | teams | elite | customized | tailor-made

achieve greatness with our elite fitness & sport-specific training! Our highly skilled, educated, experienced, and dedicated trainers & coaches bring it every time. being certified in a multitude of specialties, we treat sports & exercise as a science and above all, have the passion for it; and that passion shows in our training, which is always specific, never general. your training will be individually tailored for you and your specific goals; whether it be building strength, weight-loss, or athletic coaching- resulting in a successful, efficient, injury-free, and athletic body. you'll not only develop strong muscles, but lifelong strength. there is a difference between great looking and great working muscles.

confidence & leadership go hand-in-hand with fitness & athleticism. don’t ever discourage yourself by saying things like, “i can’t,” because the moment you say that, you definitely won’t. our trainers will help you build drive which unleashes true confidence and leadership, leading to self-made motivation and everlasting results. 

the principles you learn from your training will be the same principles you will apply to every aspect of your life for a driven, happy, and successfull one. our goal is to not only train you, but to educate you- leaving you with more than just the physical and athletic change, but the knowledge and the confidence to do so. here is where you will accomplish every fitness and athletic goal you've ever aspired to achieve.

"No goal is unachievable."

ask us about pricing

nutrition coaching


everlasting Nutrition

plan | Prep | Personalize

You plan and prep for every workout, but what about the same for your nutrition? Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. They are the king and queen of overall optimum health, and one cannot work without the other. They are essential to not only getting in shape, but staying in shape- staying in shape surely being the harder of the two. But at the GBOX we are here to ensure that the results you achieve you keep, and it couldn't be more simple by adding our fitness nutrition.

Fitness nutrition at the GBOX is more than just making dietary changes and sending you on your way. Our nutrition coach Tiffany Tatlock will sit down and go over not only your day-to-day habits and diet, but also your specific relationship with food and how, together, you will achieve optimum health. She will ensure a program that creates your own fitstyle: a lifestyle that fits your needs, schedule, workouts, and over all goals. Not one person is the same or has needs that are the same, and neither is the nutrition coaching, plan, and program designed for you.

"diets come and go, nutrition lasts forever."





Be A True Fighter

confidence | self-control | discipline

heavy bags | speed bags | boxing ring | Wrestling Mat |  Open Ring/Mat

boxing and mma not only improve one's fighting skills and increase athletic ability, but makes you an all-around elite athlete and a confident leader- while becoming unbelievably fit. this method of training is for all athletes and for just about anyone who wants to be in the best shape of their lives- physically, mentally and athletically. these workouts will drastically increase your endurance, make you faster, more agile, and powerful.

for those of you who are beginners; be prepared to sweat, feel the burn, and work muscles you never knew you had. a fighter's workout is the most intense aerobic workout there is and will hit every muscle in your body. our trainers will put you through vigorous drills to condition you in a way that makes each technique relatable so that you not only hit and move with speed and power, but that you fully understand how. 

boxing and mma won't just improve your physical fitness and athletic abilities, but will teach you self-control, discipline, genuine confidence and authentic leadership. being fully aware of your capabilities as a boxer makes you less likely to want to fight on the street or in a bar. you won't feel that constant need to prove yourself to anyone, because you've already proven those skills to yourself. develop self-control, confidence and leadership; the essentials to becoming an elite athlete and achieving any fitness goal. boxing and mma will show you what you are truly capable of.

"Define yourself."

Fight Night

Join us Friday evenings, 5–7pm, for Fight Night! Learn, train and spar with dedicated boxers, kickboxers, MMA fighters, experienced coaches and fellow members alike. Meet and connect with like-minded and driven individuals, such as yourself. Along with open ring, we have open mat where Wrestlers, grapplers, and jiu-jitsu fighters can roll, practice, and improve their skills. Fight night is open to all members, so join us for an all-around energetic, educational and fun experience! 

Odinson Wrestling CLub

In wrestling, we never get another outlet after our career is done. There are no adult club teams, there are no pick-up games and there are no Rec leagues. Well, now there is... welcome to the Odinson Wrestling Club! Each open mat will be run similar to a normal practice with emphasis on technique and wrestle-offs for fun. in this wrestling club, we're all coaches and we all have something to teach. The Odinson Wrestling club is open to all members and is held on Saturday mornings at 11am.

Why the gbox?

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Free weights | hex dumbbells (iron and rubber) | kettlebells | benches | squat racks with olympic platforms | bumper plates | plate-loaded equipment | 8-stack cable jungle | assorted olympic barbells | rogue pull-up rig | calisthenic equipment | chalk


35 yards of indoor turf | push sleds | battle ropes | plyo boxes | resistance bands | olympic rings | tires | slam balls | wall balls | interval cones


treadmills | ellipticals | bikes (spin/upright/recumbent/Airdyne) | stair climber | rowing machine


basketball half-court | Sports simulator (Golf, baseball, football, soccer) | throwing/kicking area 


heavy bags (punching & kicking) | speed bags | uppercut bags | double-end bags | Boxing ring | wrestling mat


locker rooms | showers | sauna | open classroom hours | bar to chill at with tv and drinks


Gym comparison chart

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the people's gym


"Best gym in saratoga county." -Robyn

"Down 40 pounds in 2017 thanks to some help from @theGBOXgym... Keeping it going in 2018. #rebuild2k18" -Kyle

"As the year winds down, I can say that one of the best things that I did in 2017 was join the GBOX!" -Patrick

"I got to tell you all you got to try the G Box its great no judgement when you are their you are family." -Dennis

"I’ve been training at the Gbox for a few months now with Thor, and am really impressed. They offer group classes, personal training, and open gym membership. They are knowledgeable and very encouraging. 
Great facility, friendly staff, and fantastic trainer! Highly recommend!" -Rachel

"Forget all of the other joke chain gyms... If you want to truly ENJOY working out and have awesome support while doing so, the G-Box is the place! Also, do yourself a favor and check out Thor Lampman for personal training too!" -Dan

"Such an amazing experience! Super cool gym and super nice crew!!" -Cara

"best gym in the area." -Eric

"Spend most of my days there and love it from the people to everything it has to offer." -Haley

"Tried this with a friend on a whim. Very nice place. Motivated atmosphere. Loved it. Be back again next week." -Kristie

"Very nice people at the gbox. They have spent a lot of time with my son and seem to really care about the clients. Best of luck to them in the new location." -Ted


Lisa's Transformation

We are so proud of this amazing 20 lb transformation our dedicated member Lisa Maloney has achieved in just one summer!!


"The first gym I've felt comfortable in in years! I encourage everyone to check it out!" -Lisa

"The GBox is the Best!! Best staff and facility in the area!!! Do yourself a favor and give it a try you will be impressed." -Jackie

"I started going to the GBox at their old location, and after they moved I started getting personal training sessions in addition to just using the place regularly. And I have to say that is absolutely awesome. They have a ton of equipment for many different exercises, the staff are friendly, and the trainers beyond know their stuff. Plus it's a pretty sweet price. Can't recommend it highly enough really." -Gabe

"Great yoga class with Danielle and top notch training with Brenna!" -Janine

"I took Tiffany's HIET this morning and it was amazing! Tiffany is great, the new facility is fantastic!" -Caroline

"The staff is outstanding with youth. We walked in and it felt like home. If you're looking for pros and a hometown gym, hurry. it's a gym where you go and no one is staring you down, it's how can we help you and the members are the same!!" -Ken

"Just started at the gym. The owner is a super nice guy, good atmosphere, has everything you need. No complaints! It's still your set, let's work out!" -Taf

"Stopped here while visiting the area. Great equipment for any strength training program." -matthew

"Absolutely love it!! The atmosphere is exactly what I look for and need and the endless attachments, equipment and fitness toys :) makes me pumped for future workouts!" -Tiffany

"I am so glad I joined the GBOX gym. Through Brenna's HIIT Boxing and Boxing/Kettlebell Fusion I have found a new love for boxing. The Level Up class is an all around excellent workout as well. There is such a variety of classes on the schedule you will never get bored. My son and husband are loving the gym as well. Everyone is so friendly and it is such a helpful and encouraging environment." -Jessica

"the new gbox location continues to grow and offer some of the best programs around. the staff are very friendly, the trainers are knowledgable and eager to share what they know, and the environment is both motivating and encouraging. They offer a great selection of classes and I highly recommend any of brenna's boxing classes, or level up, if you really want to feel like you accomplished something. If you are looking for a gym to get started or just need a change from your current gym, you need to stop by and check out the gbox." -Chad

"awesome and it has the space and equipment that I can benefit from using." -PJ

"Amazing gym for the athlete looking to grow physically and mentally. Encouraging staff, clean equipment, in an open gym style along with knowledgable trainers." -Meaghan

"Great gym with lots of open equipment. place to go to actually work out, not just take selfies. great training staff." -Matt

"Exactly what I was looking for in a gym. They have very nice equipment: good bars, quality racks, plenty of bumper and metal plates and a nice olympic platform. The best part of this gym is that everyone who works out or trains here is motivated and friendly. It's very difficult to have a bad workout here." -Caitlin

"This gym is by far the best gym I have ever been to. The abundant different machinery and free weights allow for us to get better, faster and stronger every day. This gym is user friendly from athletes to average teens and adults looking to just stay healthy. Absolutely no judgement goes on here. Another amazing factor about this gym is the trainers and camps or solo workouts they offer. Each and everyone is very skilled and extremely friendly but push you to your own limit. Nobody here makes you feel uncomfortable and that is the best. The hours are also great, they are open from the crack of dawn to late late at night so you have plenty of time to stop in. So come in today for a free trial and join the g-box family!" -maurizio

"Very impressed, wide array of equipment to use, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend to anyone from beginner to athlete." -Wesley

"Best gym in the area. Top of the line equipment and great atmosphere to go along with knowledgeable personal trainers." -Austin

"Friendly staff. Excellent trainers. Facility is a gym, not a health club! People are there to work out, not to pick up & they don't care what you're wearing." -Karlynn

"Great place to work out! I love the feel of a 'real gym!' Glenn knows what he is doing." -George

"Just took the Boxing/Kettlebell Class with Tina and Brenna. So fun and challenging at the same time! Thanks coaches!!" -Erin

"Awesome place. great facility." -Valerie

"The G-BOX is a great and friendly place! The atmosphere is awesome and the variation of workout methods make it so you'll always want to come back for more." -Roxanne

"First workout there today, equipment was available when I wanted it, I met Glenn and his GF who are great people. This is how gyms are meant to be. No contract, no BS rules, atmosphere is excellent. Give them a try, you won't go anywhere else again. I'll be there 6 days a week and actually be able to do the workouts I want without waiting for a bench or rack. The climbing rope was a nice touch. great job Glenn." -Zac

"Everything you love in a gym!!" -Bianca

"Nice gym, friendly staff that are willing to help, solid cardio equipment, awesome free weight rack, incline, decline, and flat benches, and multiple squat racks. Punching and speed bag setups in the back, and enough room to never really feel crowded. Just overall a nice setup." -Tom

"I love the G-BOX!!!! There finally is a gym that I can go to that has everything I need. The trainers are beyond qualified!! They are there for me when I'm in need. I have experienced a few of the trainers ad have had great results. They customize my fitness to my needs. The hours are great for my crazy schedule. What I love the most is that everyone in the gym is there for serious reasons which makes me feel like I can focus. They also have some great boot camp opportunities. I feel like I'm in an old school New York City gym. if you have a chance to try it out, you will love it!!!" -Elvita

"the G-BOX is the best gym around. Glenn is always so welcoming and the trainers are always around to help and are always so nice. It doesn't feel like a gym when you walk in, which I love." -Dominique

"They definitely know what they are doing, and are very helpful no matter what phase you're in. Great personal training!" -Sue

"never have i seen such community in a gym. in many gyms, or even most, i saw that members were only seen as numbers by many gym locations. you walk into other gyms, it's a quick hello and you go on with your workout. there is no going out of their way to help you. in most gyms there has been a loss of community. however here at the g-box, the biggest trait and even the trait most valued by glenn is community. the heart and soul of the gym is glenn's passion for people. he wants people to be happy and healthy by educating and providing a place for people to obtain that. along with that is the support and encouragement of other people. i have never seen a place where there is such a community where people say hello to one another, offer to help each other out and where people leave the gym with satisfaction after their workout." -AleX

"the G-BOX is not just a gym, it is a church of iron! I come here to develop a better body, release anger and just be a better athlete. All of the equipment I need is here at my fingertips. I love that I can push myself further by putting my new max on the board and urging others to beat my max. the G-BOX is a great resource and I'd love to see it go even further." -Jasmine

"The reason why I love coming to this gym is that it brings something different to the table compared to other gyms. This gym doesn't have all different fees when you join or cancel. It's good for this area because there are not a lot of gyms in the area that work with you as far as trainers. The owner of this gym is putting the name of his gym out there and he is Getting a good response. I believe in the owner and the gym and the direction it is going because Glenn has the passion for it, which I don't see with other gyms. the G-BOX is not out to make a quick buck." -Danye

"I found this gym while while driving around in the Clifton Park Center Mall. My membership begun when I set up some training sessions with Thor. Thor evaluated my current abilities as well as the workout program that I wanted to start and helped me with my form. I was a complete newbie when it came to the gym. Without his help I can honestly say I would have ended up hurting myself with this routine. He explained how form and technique will help you not only lift more weight, but also not hurt yourself. Not only are the trainers amazing, but the owner is very knowledgeable as well. For a newbie like me the staff has no issues answering questions on different techniques and how to do things if you have a weakness in a particular area or in my case a disability. I rate The G-Box 5 Stars for knowledge, experience, cleanliness, and the equipment. I am glad I found this gym." -Lee

"I have gone to several gyms in the Capital District but the G-BOX is by far my favorite. The staff is very helpful and welcoming. The equipment is top of the line and I'm very glad it opened up. I like how it combines lifting and boxing. the G-BOX offers an amazing atmosphere to get a great workout in." -Tyler

"the G-BOX is the only gym I have found in the central NY area that is heavily invested in both professional level weightlifting and boxing equipment. I joined this gym because of my interests in boxing as a hobby and exercise. The staff is friendly and professional." -Will

"I have been a member of the G-BOX since the beginning of February. The atmosphere is much better compared to other gyms. It is a great place to come work out and exercise. Because of the no contract and great atmosphere, the G-BOX is absolutely the best gym in Clifton Park." -Dylan

"the G-BOX provides me with a gym that has a very positive and motivating atmosphere. I always come in knowing I can get every part of my workout done without waiting around due to the various new equipment this gym provides. Glenn, Alex, and all the trainers keep the gym fun, kept up, and always push people to get better. I have recommended the G-BOX to many friends and family members and will continue. the G-BOX provides a great overall workout experience day in and day out." -Brennan

"I have been a member of this gym for a little less than a month at the time of writing this. In my short time at the G-BOX, a few things have set it apart from other gyms. I have belonged to a few other gyms in my time, but the staff and trainers at the G-BOX seem like they genuinely give a damn about the clients and want to see them succeed. I like that this gym is very no nonsense. There aren't a whole mess of things in the gym to distract you from properly focusing on a workout. It has made me want to work out consistently for the first time in a very long time. Plus, the location makes it much easier. I think the G-BOX is good for the community because it is a proverbial breathe of fresh air. It is something that I feel will give people in Clifton Park a more serious, straight forward place to work out. I think it would be great to see the G-BOX expand and I sincerely hope it does." -Ben

"This gym has not only been a great addition to my life but for the Clifton Park community. This gym has everything someone could need in a training center whether you are a serious athlete or just trying to do a little training for yourself. This gym is unlike any other gym in the area. With such a friendly and helpful staff you can tell you are not just a number. No contracts is something I have never experience before and once again you can tell you're not just money to Glenn. He takes a general interest in every members' fitness and well-being that walks through the door. I've bee burned by big chain gyms before with contracts so this was the perfect place for me. There are so many police, teachers, coaches, students, etc. that come in here, it's such a community feel in here when you're working out." -Marcus

"There is no other gym in the area like the G-BOX. Where else can you box and get the weightlifting experience with all top notch, clean equipment? As a college athlete this place has everything I need to get to the top level on the field." -Austin

"I love this place, great vibes and a ton of motivation comes with the membership. Always clean and has everything I need." -Maurizio

"the G-BOX is a completely different breed of gym. I can come here without being judged and just work toward achieving my goals. The attention to people is unmatched and I need a spotter, someone is always there to help. This is a place where I can come and get rid of stress and just lift and train." -Matt

"Sweet gym, spacious, nice set of free weights, ample cardio equipment, and multiple benches and squat racks. Lots of punching and speed bags to work on as well if you're into that. Friendly staff, and good membership prices for the quality of equipment you get to use, would definitely recommend to anyone looking to either try a new gym or get into fitness!" -Thomas

"the g-box has become a home away from home. it's truly the perfect environment to cultivate a life change that i so desperately needed. before the g-box, i was a self-sabotaging, emotional eating, procrastinating ball on top of a mountain who needed a much to get my life back and now thanks to brenna, i'm rolling over and plowing mental and physical blocks. the pain is served daily, but with a healthy supply of support. the g-box is a judgement free zone and the first gym (out of the 15 i've been a member of) i've been comfortable in. Thank you!" -JOCELYN

"Felt welcome the second I stepped in the door. Bare-bones NYC style gym with no frills and I love that! Reminds me of college and just digging in and getting the work done. Thanks guys! So glad I found you!" -Carrie

"We were fortunate enough to stop in this wonderful gym to see Glenn Brown about 2 months ago. My wife and I had not worked out since we were married over 10 years ago and we had plenty of reservations about committing to a membership; making the no contract or cancellation fee part of our decision to give this new gym a try. Glenn and his team made us feel welcome and supported. We highly recommend the G-BOX as they provide a hometown feeling that you may not find in the national chains." -Whitney

"not your average gym. glenn and team helped motivate me and regain my interest in my fitness after a long hiatus and many failed gym memberships. personal training sessions are a must if you're getting back into working out. equipment is state of the art and the innovative equipment helps keep workout routines interesting and different. no long-term contract needed but once you get started, you won't let yourself quit!! I highly recommend you check this place out." -SCOTT

"Awesome gym! Owner takes care of the facility and makes sure to keep the gym in tip top shape! No contracts either!!! Highly recommend!!" -Heather

"Training at the G-BOX is a life changing experience. It not only changes you physically but also sharpens and develops your mentality and outlook on everyday situations. What a place!" -Giulio

"Spoke to the owner once, and have a great first impression. I can't wait for my first workout!" -Daniel

"Awesome trainer - Awesome workouts! Love it here!!" -Grace

"First session and I loved it! great workout and super supportive staff." -Ronnie

"This place is unlike any other gym I've seen before! Awesome! You have to check it out!" -Marcus

"Every workout is intense, and I have never seen results so quickly. Such a great workout, so encouraging! This place is going to be like no other gym!" -Alexandra

"I love the site, the training is great and I highly recommend Glenn and the G-BOX staff to all!!" -Giulio

"The best personal training ever!! Check it out!!" -Elvita